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"To understand comprehensively,
to live wisely,
to serve selflessly"

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Celebrating 23 years of publishing

The Journal provides a cross-cultural educational exchange of high-quality, original work. It is offered free of charge. We are deeply grateful to our donors, sustaining the Journal relies on the generosity of many individuals to ensure its continuation.

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From 1985-1999 The Journal of Esoteric Psychology magazine presented articles related to many and varied aspects of contemporary Ageless Wisdom thought including the seven rays, esoteric psychology, esoteric astrology, healing and meditation.

In September 2005 our first electronic issue was released. The Journal provides a forum for articles, essays, poetry, interviews, music, and art. Summer of 2008 is the last most recent issue of JEP.

We welcome any questions and/or comments you might have. All submissions should be sent to

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Past Issues

Volume 1, Number 1. Fall 2005
Volume 2, Number 1. Winter 2006
Volume 2, Number 2. Spring 2006
Volume 2, Number 3. Summer 2006
Volume 2, Number 4. Fall 2006
Volume 3, Number 1. Winter 2007
Volume 3, Number 2. Spring 2007
Volume 3, Number 3. Summer 2007
Volume 3, Number 4. Fall 2007
Volume 4, Number 1. Winter 2008
Volume 4, Number 2. Spring 2008
Volume 4, Number 3. Summer 2008


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The Journal of Esoteric Psychology

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