Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom

Below, please find a selection of articles on the Ageless Wisdom:

The Ageless Wisdom teachings have existed throughout time in symbol, ritual and written form - but the first real public dispensation of this teaching was brought to the West by Helena P. Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society and author of numerous books and articles, most notably Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. Her books deal with the essential spiritual evolutionary development of life upon our planet. She was one of the first workers who attempted to bring to public attention the fact of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, that inner group of knowers who work behind the scenes to protect humanity.

Between the years 1919-1949 the “second dispensation” of the Ageless Wisdom teachings was brought forward by Alice A. Bailey, co-founder of the Lucis Trust and the author of 24 books, 20 of which were written with the cooperation of a Tibetan teacher, sometimes known as Djwhal Khul. The purpose of this teaching is to “precede and condition the new age”—the age of Aquarius which is in process of unfolding upon our planet.

We’re now in a phase of the Ageless Wisdom work when this teaching must be distributed to large numbers of people in order to help prepare human consciousness for the changes that are due to unfold within the coming decades. We are presently passing through what is said to be the most important time in the entire history of our planet—a time of preparation for the return of a World Teacher into our midst. The Ageless Wisdom teachings give us insight into just what is occurring and the most viable means of disseminating these ideas is via the internet.

The following articles provide brief introductions to several topics of interest related to the Ageless Wisdom teachings. For more detailed information about these topics please refer to the teachings of Blavatsky, Bailey and the Agni Yoga teachings by Helena Roerich. Also refer to our book list for other suggested titles.