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28th Annual International Conference

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SRI/USR Conference 2014
Living as Radiant Temples of Life:
Sing the Body Electric

April 8 - 13, 2014
Mesa Arizona

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"Man God" SOUL OF LIGHT by Joma Sipe

We are living through a time of great promise, on the eve of a New Age in which the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic will be in power for some 2500 years. This ray, already influential during the past several centuries, is constantly increasing in strength and influence. Combined with the energy of Aquarius, the magical seventh ray will bring the emergence of a spiritual civilization and culture undreamt of even by humanity’s most far-sighted visionaries. We as students of spirituality, passing through a challenging time of transition into these new possibilities, have great and joyous responsibilities on our shoulders.

What the human being has been thus far does not define the human being that will be. At last the Fifth Kingdom of Nature, the Kingdom of Souls, promises to come into manifestation in a large way. The most progressive members of humanity can now begin to live as souls – in the wisdom, love, power and spiritual intelligence of the soul.

Expression as a soul requires a building process and the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic, in cooperation with the deva kingdom, is a great building ray. ‘Heaven to earth it brings and earth to heaven’. The true inner individual, the soul, will manifest through the personality. The Initiation of Humanity and its eventual transfiguration are on their way.

This New Age is the Era of the Temple Builders. This building process will occur, no doubt, in an outer and phenomenal way, but the most important building will occur within the individual, the group and humanity as a whole. Each of us, and the human family as a whole, is building an Inner Temple called in the Ageless Wisdom the “causal body” or the “egoic lotus”. What is true of the individual and of humanity is also true of our Planetary and Solar God on a much higher level, but we can focus on what is possible for the human race, though taking inspiration from the knowledge that what is gloriously true above is also true below.

On the higher mental plane a beautiful spiritual structure, replete with all the qualities we have harvested from many lives of labor within the lower three worlds, is being created with the help of the angelic kingdom—and especially the Solar Angel or “Watcher” who has for millions of years “poured himself out in sacrifice that man might be”. During the Aquarian Age the existence of the causal body/egoic lotus will be scientifically proven and new methods of conscious inner building will be clearly understood. 'Seventh Ray' magical methods will emerge more rapidly and more beautifully to build this Inner Temple of Light which is the glory of the fifth kingdom and the labor of the Solar Angels.

The true Inner Individual lives in an Inner Temple of Light and Love, but it is also a ‘Temple of Life’. As the Temple grows in wisdom, strength and beauty, the Life aspect of divinity is contacted directly—the Spirit Aspect—normally a deeply hidden factor in the life of modern humanity. During the 'Seventh Ray' Age, however, and with the help of the deva kingdom which responds so sensitively to the influence of the seventh ray, Life will be released in greater measure and a new livingness, a new vitality will pour through humanity and through each human individual and human group who can rightly respond. We are, in fact, entering an ‘Age of Etheric Livingness’. We are leaving behind the stultification of a life in which the dense physical vehicle has seemed to be the real physical vehicle—it is not!

The etheric body is the “body electric” celebrated as a great and subtle medium of inter-connectedness in the marvellous poem by the initiate poet, Walt Whitman. The fact that the etheric body is called the “electric body” or the “body electric” links it directly to the Monad, the Spirit Aspect, the aspect of the human being which is called the “Father in Heaven Aspect”. This inevitable energizing of the etheric body (individually and planetarily) will bring joy and a spirit of renewal, of transformation to a human race which has long carried the burden of ignorance of the inner realities. Without understanding the reason for its unhappiness, humanity has been in a depressed state; knowledge of the true Inner Self has been missing and the inability to express that Self has been almost universal except for a sprinkling of great Initiates here and there.

Now all this will change. The Inner Temple will be built and will radiate in all its glory. The power of electric fire, the Fire of Spirit, will pass through it and vitalize the etheric body of all responsive individuals and groups and of humanity as a whole.

The seventh ray brings heaven to earth; in human terms this means bringing our Inner Temple of Life (the causal body/egoic lotus, inspired by its central fire—the "Jewel in the Lotus") into ever fuller expression upon the dense physical plane through the medium of the “body electric”.

As this happens over the centuries, the song of humanity will be a song of joy. For this emerging eventuality we must start to prepare—even now!

This year the Seven Ray Institute/University of the Seven Rays is offering its 28th International Conference and our timely theme in an era of challenging transition between the Age of Pisces and the emerging Seventh Ray Age of Aquarius is: Living as Radiant Temples of Life: Sing the Body Electric.

The Conference theme emphasizes the new note of livingness, joy and positivity which should characterize each disciple, and discipleship group, who realizes the nature of the promise of the New Age. The Tibetan Teacher tells us that joy will one day be the resounding note of humanity as a whole.

This year our Conference, held again in Mesa Arizona, will present a still fuller offering over a five day period instead of our customary four days. We are seeking to offer all Conference attendees a fuller experience with a few more interludes of free time for discussion and assimilation of the many inspiring presentations which always occur at Conference. So please plan ahead for that additional day!

Our 28th Conference begins with our Pre-Conference Ceremonial Workshop on Tuesday, April 1st. The title of this year’s Ceremonial Workshop is: Manifesting the Heavenly Temple on Earth. Work in spiritual ceremonial magic is especially important during this particular year and fits precisely with our Conference Theme.

The Astrology of the Inner Temple, our Pre-Conference Esoteric Astrology Workshop with its international team of esoteric astrologers attentive to your emerging spiritual potentials, will begin on Friday, April 4th and will run through Sunday afternoon, April 6th.

On Sunday evening, April 6th, we will continue with our Advancing Seven Ray Seminar, focusing on the integrative power of your soul ray. It will last until Tuesday afternoon, April 8th.

On the evening of April 8th our Main Conference will begin, spanning about five days and completing with our customary Ceremonial Service on Sunday, mid-day, April 13th.

We are very excited about the possibilities for our Seventh Ray Conference.

The power and beauty of the Seventh Ray are so very needed in the transitional and often chaotic period through which humanity is presently passing. Thus, with full warmth of heart we invite you to join us in Mesa, Arizona, for a living and joyous experience focused upon our theme: Living as Radiant Temples of Life: Sing the Body Electric!

* * *


Pre-Conference Sacred Ceremonial Workshop

April 1, 2, 3 (Tues Wed Thurs) 2014

Manifesting the Heavenly Temple on Earth
the Altar-Dance of the Flower

Dear Friends of the One Temple of Humanity,
This year we have a very important theme for our Conference Ceremonial Workshop. We all know that our true ‘home’ is on the higher mental plane—our “Heavenly Temple”—“not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”. Our task is to learn about the beautiful energies which are built into and stored within the “Temple” and to bring them down onto the physical plane in alignment with the Divine Plan. The Inner, Heavenly Temple is very rich in quality—the qualities of soul-light, soul-love and soul-sacrificial-will are there to be found, as well as the power of synthesis which allows us to unite and express all that we have learned in our millions of years of Earth-evolution.

What can be said of the individual can also be said of Humanity. It, too, has its Heavenly Temple—the One Temple of Humanity, which it is slowly building and which must be manifested in full beauty right here on the physical plane if the Divine Plan is to be rightly expressed.
The Inner Temple is also called the “Divine Flower” – the Lotus of the Heavens. During our Ceremonial Workshop, on Tuesday April 1st and Wednesday 2nd, 2014 (and continuing important activities on the 3rd and the 5th), we will explore in depth the nature of our Heavenly Temple and how each of us can bring its ‘treasures’ and ‘perfumes’ into expression in a way which will be new to many of us. This year we will work our way into our subject by studying the beauty of flowers. Master Morya gives us hint that all of those who love flowers are on the Path of the Heart—and, let us remember that spiritually, the “heart” is the “soul”.

We will also focus upon the Mystery of Altars; in keeping with our Conference Theme, we can say that the causal body is the ‘Altar of the Monad’, just as the personality should be the altar of the soul. The physical altars which we create and consecrate should be the expression of that esoteric relationship. Every true altar is a “playground” for the higher sacred energies which we invoke. In any true Temple the altar is a focal point and its power and beauty are to be manifested. It is said that the subtle, spiritual energies are engaged in a great ‘dance’; the Lord Shiva, the Source of so many of these higher energies, is the “Lord of the Dance”. Also it is said that flowers participate in this heavenly dance, for their creators and “keepers”, the devas, are forever ‘dancing’. It is from this metaphor that the art of temple dancing has its origin.

Flowers have always belonged to altars. During this Ceremonial Workshop we will concentrate especially upon the dance of the flowers upon our altars. Workshop participants will learn a little of the profound ‘language of the flowers’ and build their altars with that special focus in mind.

Our workshop will continue with preparations for Conference on Thursday, April 3rd, and on the evening of Saturday, April 5th, we will present our altars, which will reflect the ‘treasured content’ of our individual Heavenly Temple.
As usual, Michael (Robbins) will give a short astrological reading for all workshop participants. The reading will focus on the possible treasures within the causal body and how these treasures can be brought forth into manifestation. How can the Heavenly Temple of each participant be made manifest?
Please do join the Ceremonial Workshop Group for deep teaching and essential esoteric service to the Conference—a service which seeks to subjectively unify all Conference activities with the assistance our ‘higher helpers’ in the Deva Kingdom.
With the Dancing Flowers,
Tuija Robbins on behalf of the Conference Ceremonial Program

* * *


Pre-Conference Esoteric Astrology Workshop

April 4, 5, 6 (Fri Sat Sun) 2014

"The Astrology of the Inner Temple"

Metaphysically, each of us is an “inner god” living as a central fire within a radiant Inner Temple of Light, Love and Life focused upon the higher mental plane. This Temple we call the egoic lotus or causal body and it is our task to center our spiritualized individual consciousness within this Temple, thus achieving the ‘Union of Heaven and Earth’, the first step of which is the union of the soul with the personality. To achieve this union the power of the Seventh Ray of Magic — a ray which unites the opposites — is indispensable.

The causal body/egoic lotus, man’s Inner Temple, has its own unique astrology in which the seven rays play a significant part. When we consciously build this Inner Temple, which we do between the first and fourth initiations, we can call upon astro-rayology to facilitate the process. Each of us (assuming that we have not taken the fourth initiation—which is a pretty good assumption!) is unfolding our egoic lotus, one quality after another, one petal after another (though there is a great deal of overlapping in this unfoldment). Every petal unfolded leads eventually to the consummately glorious display of the completed Inner Temple, and each petal has its own unique astrology and rayology.

Our task is to consciously build this Temple, using all we know or can intuit about ray structure and our own horoscope and its relation to the astro-rayology of the petals which are unfolding on the higher mental plane for each of us. This is an intricate and fascinating magical science and one with which we can cooperate to hasten our progress towards fulfillment.

As the Inner Temple is unfolded through scientific astro-rayology, its powers can descend into the chakric systems of our personality vehicles — first the chakras of the etheric-physical body, then of the astral body and finally the chakras which are found upon the lower mental plane. The fuller and more beautiful the egoic lotus, the more vibrantly we can live as soul-infused personalities in the lower worlds.

This year’s Pre-Conference Astrological Workshop (entitled The Astrology of the Inner Temple) will focus on the nature and structure of our Inner Temple of Light, on how the powers and qualities of that Inner Temple are reflected and expressed in our threefold chakric system (found within our personality vehicles on the etheric levels of the three lower planes) and on what we can do to take our next step ahead in that unfoldment and in the bringing of causal quality into life expression in the three lower worlds.

As usual our distinguished international team of esoteric astrologers will be present to help you interpret your astrological chart – in this case an interpretation dealing with your potentials for unfolding your causal body/egoic lotus in an intelligent and systematic matter. Few of us realize the inner potentials of our Inner Temple; few of us can consciously access these potentials. Our astrologers will assist you with this task.

As always, we will have a number of lectures and presentations offered by our astrological team. The variety of these presentations is always interesting in itself, and this year’s series of lectures will be equally distinguished. I, personally, always love to hear what our team members have to say on subjects related to our Workshop theme and also to our Conference theme: Building a Radiant Temple of Life: Sing the Body Electric.*

So, friends, please do join us in Mesa, Arizona, at the Dobson Ranch Inn, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 4th – 6th, 2014 (a day earlier than usual in order to pave the way for our five day Main Conference). Inwardly you already live in a Radiant Inner Temple of Light, Love and Power. Our Pre-Conference Astrological Workshop — The Astrology of the Inner Temple — is sure to help you learn to live in and through that Temple more consciously and to bring the light, beauty, wisdom, power and strength of that Temple into expression in your daily life the better to serve the Divine Plan and live as a disciple and co-worker of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.


* * *

Advancing Seven Ray Seminar

Evening April 6, April 7 full day,
through mid-afternoon April 8 (Sun Mon Tues) 2014

"The Integration Formulas"

Friends, for two years now we have offered the Advancing Seven Ray Seminar completely free for one and all, and all agree that it has been a most illuminating addition to our Pre-Conference Program. This year, the Seven Ray Institute is offering an extended conference and in doing so quite a bit of additional expense has come to us.

Perhaps it will be possible for you to help us defray some of this additional cost by offering $150 as a suggested donation (or really, any amount greater or smaller that you can afford) for your participation in the Advancing Seven Ray Seminar. Of course it is always our policy never to turn anyone away even if they can offer no financial contribution for participation in any of our Conference events.

We plan to go with increasing depth into the meaning of your proposed ray chart and offering practical suggestions concerning how you can fulfill the spiritual potential inherent in that chart; this year, the focus is on the Seven Integration Formulas for uniting your soul and personality. Such a donation is, of course, not a requirement for your attendance, but the Seven Ray Institute would be deeply grateful if you could help us with these additional expenses, so that we may continue to bring you our annual Conferences in the fullness to which all have become accustomed during the past twenty-eight years.

Light, Love and Power,
Michael (Robbins) for the Conference Committee


* * *

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volunteering at the Conference

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