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Festival of Goodwill:
Gemini Solar Fire Ritual

Released at the 13th Annual USR Conference April 14-18, 1999, the Festival of Goodwill CD Solar Fire Ritual Music is written and composed by Dr. Michael Robbins, and arranged and orchestrated by Harold Moses. In song and music we have an opportunity to contact the ever-present expressions of the Love of God experienced in the sign Gemini, which is considered to be the "Head of the Cosmic Christ". The time of the Gemini full moon is considered to be one of the three major planetary Spiritual Festivals. At that time each year, the Christ is said to stand before Shamballa as Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and also as the great Representative of aspiring Humanity. Each year, we are told, the Christ "preaches" before the assembled Hierarchy the Last Sermon of the Buddha. He focuses the inchoate invocation of Humanity and invokes on its behalf the blessings of Light, Love and Power (but especially Love) from the Great Center of Will. The Christ Himself utilizes the Great Invocation at this Festival, His Festival, the Festival of Goodwill. Each year at the time of the Gemini Full Moon, in order to cooperate fully with the Christ and to serve Humanity, men and women of goodwill around the world observe World Invocation Day - the day on which the Great Invocation is constantly intoned, and the energy of goodwill is meditatively and mantrically spread throughout the human kingdom and our planet. Together we can enter into Their Presence. Together we can begin our preparation for Festival of Goodwill.

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Festival of Goodwill:
Gemini Solar Fire Ritual

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